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It’s amazing to sit on the foreshore at Picton and see the tree-line going right down to the water’s edge, the stillness of the water, clouds slipping across the tops of the hills like white cotton. It is quite magical. There’s no one around, it’s still an untouched waterway. We would travel from Timaru in a Mark III Zephyr with three boys in the back seat, the trailer behind us with all the camping gear, and the yacht on top of the trailer. The yacht doubled as a dinghy with a Seagull outboard on the back. After one holiday, when I was 9, we had a family conference and Mum and Dad asked us if we should move to Picton. We all wanted to, we loved it so much. I went to primary school in Picton and my parents bought a place in Endeavour Inlet called Punga Cove. I would spend a lot of time on the water – yachting or sailing or fishing or snorkelling.

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This page is our effort to identify all the sources for British Seagull information and spares on the Internet. If you find another one just let us know and we will include it it the list. Just send an email to Charles britishseagullshop. Andrew Atkin’s Homepage.

She even mows her lawn with villiers mk11c engine number dates from Hi al, and sons in the file as. Forty series british seagull outboard.

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Run what you brung, so long as what you brung is a British Seagull outboard Watch for date and time, and watch out for a slow but steady competitor with a.

Although their “Classic” engines were for decades an exemplar of rugged simplicity and reliability, the company eventually failed when customer tastes changed and as tighter emissions regulations took effect. Production of complete engines stopped in , and another company bought the rights to the brand in Spare parts continue to be produced for existing engines.

British Seagull outboards were first sold under the name Marston Seagull. This pair later bought the manufacturing rights and marketed outboards as Bristol Seagull, later moving to Poole and settling for the name British Seagull. There are several different British Seagull outboard motor models, usually with a single cylinder water-cooled two-stroke engine. Some of the engines had the Villiers patented flywheel magneto, and on its port side was a simple carburettor.

Starting was effected with a hand-wound pull-rope, although a recoil starter was an option. Connecting the motor to the gearbox and propeller were two downtubes, the forward one containing the drive shaft and the aft tube serving as the exhaust, which vented underwater. The engines proved very rugged as they used high quality materials, and thousands have lasted for years, even in harsh marine environments many in developing countries too.

Seagull outboards were utilitarian in nature with a relatively slow-turning prop, and so were ideal for use in dinghies, tenders and small yachts. The Silver Century Plus model could propel a displacement hull of up to 26 feet in length; but all Seagull outboards were unsuitable for high speed craft. An early engine of the company was the Model , developed from the Marston models of the s.

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If you have seen a British Seagull outboard engine on a boat you may think it former distributor in Sweden, AB Motor Reimers in Stockholm and dated from 1.

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Classic Seagull motors get run on Waitara River

Correspondence from businesses in Muncie to a furnace company in Richmond, Indiana. Model 15B2 Neptune Single outboard motor. The motor has a two-blade propeller and a rope starter. The red gasoline tank curves around a portion of the circular flywheel magneto housing.

Coronavirus Support Friendship and Dating Seagull outboard in Sandown. 2 FA Seagull Engines for sale – also spares available, repairs and servicing 2, 3,​.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. A stationary engine is defined as an engine that is mounted on a chassis or framework that renders it immobile. Stationary engines can also be mounted on a wheeled base, but these tend to be categorised as portable engines. Stationary engines powered by gas, petrol, paraffin, diesel and other fuels replaced steam engines and undertook a vital role in farming and agricultural life, powering equipment, pumping water and generating electricity.

Engine types included hot tube, hot bulb and hit and miss and many examples can still be found today in various states of working order. Modern iterations of vintage stationary engines are still to be found working on farms. These include diesel engines, spark ignited engines and reciprocating internal combustion engines. A point of note is that all stationary engines are subject to air quality regulations.

These depend on the age of the engine, the type of ignition system used and the engine’s position for example, indoors or outdoors.

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seagull outboard engine four and half horses good runner no problems long Dating from , these pieces were taken out of a larger sea bird collection.

I’ve always wanted one and I’m very happy. I went to the Seagull website to see if I could contact them about finding out what year model it is using the serial number, however the only contact method they have is via snail mail to a Canadian address, so I was wondering if anyone here has any resources on finding model years from the Identification Information Serial Numbers to Early models, manufactured from to , used a letter code and production number to denote the model and year of manufacture.

Use the tables below to identify your outboard model and the date range it was manufactured. The concept for the Seagull guitar was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars such as solid tops and lacquer finishes and build these features into guitars at a reasonable price. Determining year of a Seagull guitar. News and Information. News and Announcements. Guidelines for Board Usage.

The Voting Booth. Since , all Seagull guitars have an 8 digit serial number.

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Early models, manufactured from to , used a letter code and production number to denote the model and year of manufacture. Use the tables below to identify your outboard model and the date range it was manufactured. For production number and year manufactured information, click on the ‘Year’ link in the tables.

From on a letter code, production number and ending letter s and number code were used in the serial number to denote the model, production number and month and year of manufacture.

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After the war, small boat cruising exploded in popularity — and so did the Seagull. In its heyday of the s, British Seagull was selling over 80, motors a year — small, affordable, bullet-proof outboards barely changed since before the war, for pushing the tender, dinghy or the pocket cruiser along at a few knots when the wind dropped. The company even had its own foundries for the production of components. The Seagull has become one of the few engines ever to achieve cult status, the nautical counterpart of the motor that powered Vespas, another one-cylinder two-stroke petrol engine designed to mobilise working Italy.

John Williams is a man who has devoted his life to saving old Seagulls. Following the Blackwater River to meet him in his corner of rural Essex, I began to form a picture of him: he would fall into that peculiarly English category: the kindly, eccentric old boy; king of the garden shed and fusty, friendly curator of his own childhood.

As we sat in his kitchen and John, in his British Seagull sweater, talked about his beloved engines, it became clear that John is a more modern sort of creature. He talked optimistically about the possibility of siting wind-generators in his part of Essex and about how he has learned to run his own website since the death of his close friend who built it.

British Seagull

Contributors this issue Rob Davies, Mike Lewis. Periodical Postage is paid at Bancroft, WI and additional entries. Technical feature — Gearbox development. First though, the occasion. Held over a Friday and Saturday in early May , it was the Mersey Motor Club Twenty-four Hours Trial, to give the event its fairly selfexplanatory title as recorded at the time. Here, numbers and so on were doled out and aixed, before a special ferry was laid on to ship everyone over to Birkenhead.

The Seagull Outboard was originally designed as a workboat engine for him posters and literature, and it’s this dated advertising from a more innocent era that​.

Once, I was the proud owner of an ancient clinker launch, possibly wartime vintage, with an even older petrol inboard. Fairly early on in the relationship it needed a new engine, the inboard being beyond redemption. Well I certainly aspired towards heaps of pleasure, especially at that age, but I needed a few hints on the way there, maybe a fault-finding chart that led you through options such as dirty fuel, blown gaskets or blocked back passages.

But the chaps who ran British Seagull simply advised a thorough check of the spark plug and then: But will people do this? We have no sympathy with these people at all… Strong words, but of limited value for an engine long past its best. In my case, it gradually dawned that water was supposed to come out of the hole in the cylinder head; some hours later I found the cooling jacket was blocked solid with cooked oil, salt and rust.

But after a few decades in the open, sediment in the fuel tank plus wear and tear, most engines would need more than a new plug. In the beginning… British Seagulls were first built in the s and soon settled into a design that remained fundamentally unchanged for another 50 years. The range of horsepower from just two blocks was due to different carburettor sizes, gear ratios and propeller diameters.

British Seagull Outboard Motor – First Start in 40 Years!

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